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The Ultimate Green Lumber Used to Be Plastic

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the September 29th, 2011

Unless you are work in the building industry, you probably have not come across the ultimate green lumber. For the environmentalist, this is the perfect product, and it can be found on numerous decks, and lots of deck furniture. Eco-lumber and plastic lumber are two of the more common names for the ultimate green lumber, but there are a couple of others, including poly-wood, poly-wood, and permo-wood. The industry for patio furniture has been radically transformed by the advent of this material, which is not merely friendly to the environment but cost-effective to use as well.

It is shaped like typical pieces of lumber, but instead of a tree it is created from recycled plastic, which once were jugs and other containers. The ultimate green lumber doesn’t just look like lumber, it also has the same feel and can be tooled, cut and sawed like any regular piece of lumber. The ultimate green lumber has found numerous applications on top of decking, such as patio furniture, outdoor tables and benches and playground equipment. The making of plastic lumber is a fantastic way of use for the growing mountain of recycled plastic waste. Just ten years ago, 234 million pounds of plastic bottles were recycled, and that number has now increased to 1.5 billion pounds.

Hardwood lumber does have a few disadvantages, such as the chemical treatment it needs to protect it against insects. The surface calls for sanding and re-coating on a regular basis, in order to keep wood exposed to weather looking good and to prevent it from rotting over time. Because it does not contain any harmful chemicals, the ultimate green lumber will not pollute the soil. Washing it down with a hose from time to time is the only upkeep that’s involved. It doesn’t matter where you dwell, the poly-wood has been constructed to hold up to tropical sun, cold winters, and coastal weather that is salty and windy.

Items created from plastic lumber do not include the likes of plastic deckchairs that you oftentimes see these days. Plastic lumber is a heavy material, and is supplied at 2×4 and 2×6 thicknesses. You can cut it just like normal hardwood, and screw it down like the typical hardwood, also. Typical uses of the ultimate green lumber were for deck and poolside applications, but new uses are always showing themselves. Lumber made out of recycled plastic is an alternative to regular hardwood lumber that is economically feasible. It has many uses, is guaranteed to last for a lifetime, and doesn’t decompose, splinter, or get infested with bugs.

If you buy furniture made from recycled materials, you are helping bring down the need for cutting down trees. Any person who thinks or lives in an eco-friendly manner is engaged in protecting our forests and trees from being exploited. Because of this, the hunt is on for applications where the use of the ultimate green lumber makes good economic sense and environmental sense also. It is decidedly a product that is friendly to the environment, and calls for virtually no maintenance.
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