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Wedding Car Checklist – Who is Driving?

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the September 29th, 2011

Regardless of whether you mean to hire a Bentley, Mercedes, Rolls Royce or Cab – The chauffeur will invariably be as essential as the wedding car: If they are not a knowledgeable professional who is insured and presentable they could be the downfall of your wedding day: Just consider all the things which can go calamitously wrong if your chauffeur is NOT all these things. For a trustworthy chauffeur which has a attractive Mercedes Benz wedding car for rent try Love Weddings working from Buckinghamshire in the UK.

Cheap Just Might Be Costly

It is not essential to spend a small fortune to hire a respectable wedding car and a professional chauffeur: Although of course you should anticipate paying more for a classic Rolls Royce than a modern Mercedes for example. If the costing for the same car is notably cheaper than others you should ask why – Because there is usually a reason why…

Is the vehicle owned by the hire company? If the chauffeur or company is hiring from elsewhere they may only have the car for a matter of hours. This could be fateful if something adverse occurs – a traffic jam, or if the wedding ceremony runs into extra time for instance. Imagine! Your chauffeur leaving you at the aisle because they have to run to the next appointment: Disaster!

One of Many?

Equally, cheap quotes can often indicate the wedding car company is making appointments back-to-back: Consequently leaving zero room for manoeuvrings and so way too much room for problems – It can well be worth paying more to guarantee the wedding car, along with a professional chauffeur for the full day.

Will your chauffeur be dressed suitably? Undoubtedly a professional chauffeur would dress in keeping for the occasion. If they mean to turn up looking like they just stepped out of a NY cab it is likely they do not understand the rudimentary principles of professionalism – To which you would certainly do well to go elsewhere.

Is the car and chauffeur suitably insured? If not and the unforeseen occurs your wedding day could be ruined: Find out what the protocol is should an accident occur.

How knowledgeable is your chauffeur? Do they have advanced driving abilities? Within any service sector experience and training – a professional – will always cost more. However, that experience could really go a long way with regards to making your wedding day idyllic – Possibly even save the day in case of an emergency.

The bottom line: While it may be highly tempting to just go for the least expensive quote for wedding car hire – You could definitely end up regretting it.

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