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What Should I Eat For Lunch To Keep Awake?

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the September 30th, 2011

Does this appear to be you? You had a delicious lunch around noon. Now it’s about 2:00 pm. You can barely keep your eyes open. You’re slouching way down in the chair since you don’t have enough energy to sit up straight.

One of the most common cycles with consuming too much of any “heavy” lunch comes the mid-afternoon crash. Your alertness goes down the drain with your productivity simply because of the items you had for lunch a couple hours earlier.

Well, comprehend this. The key reason why you might feel tired after enjoying lunch is simply because consume items that require quite a bit of energy to break down and use the nutrients.

But at this time there are definitely a couple of changes which might be made to your lunch selection which should raise your alertness and productivity which means that your boss or professor doesn’t catch you sleepy after eating.

Sugar, Fat, In Addition To Way Too Many Carbs Are Common Contributors Connected With Nodding Off

Processed items, more than not, will take a cost on your alertness due to their high sugar, high fat, or taxing focus on digestion afterwards. Greasy food or things containing creams are definitely inducers of droopy eyelids as they often times have plenty of sugar causing your blood glucose level to go up and crash later. This is why T.V. dinners and freezer goodies are not always a good thing to reach for.

Carbohydrates are a good answer to how to stay awake at work, but too many are capable of doing a similar thing to your bloodstream sugar levels. Consider saving your restaurant leftovers for supper instead of lunch as they usually have a large amount of calories and carbs. You need more of a low carb lunch even if you’re thinking about other carbohydrate subjects like carb cycling for weight loss for instance.

Where the majority of people make a mistake however, and they don’t usually know it, concerns what you drink. Sugary sodas and teas will take their toll, but a vintage glass of water won’t beat you down.

The Key Is Eating Light While Obtaining Adequate Energy

Of course, when you’re planning your lunch, 400-600 calories is enough for an individual that’s watching their weight. Your main goal is to consume foods that provide a stable continuous stream of energy that will allow you to stay alert all the way until the next meal and help in tricking your metabolism to burn more calories.

Wholegrain carbs digest slower than most carbs letting you receive a continuous stream of energy for a couple hours. And also, since they take longer to digest, they’ll help you feel fuller for an extended length of time.

What Should I Eat For Lunch?

What I haven’t mentioned and what really determines whether you’re probably going to be focused and alert is the protein you get from a meal. By rule of thumb, eating lean meat that totals the size of your palm, gives you the protein you’ll need to prevent the slump. A turkey or ham sandwich with lettuce and tomato on whole grain bread is usually a winning combination for several low carb lunches.

However, if you’re the sort that wishes to fast through your lunch, meal replacement shakes typically supply adequate amounts of both carbs and protein to keep your body properly fueled.

Provided that you make an effort to eat light, you won’t really need to catch 40 winks in a couple hours.

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