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The Mental Aspect. Assisting Teenagers With Obesity Issues

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the December 21st, 2011

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There is a serious condition that affects children nowadays. This condition is called obesity and affects particularly developed countries. The facts reveal that up to 15% of kids in the USA suffer from obesity. So, it has become urgent to find solutions to this problem. Parents play the most important role in prevention of obesity and should be educated how to deal with that problem.

There could be different reasons for obesity. Factors like unhealthy diet, sedentary life style, genetic factors or a combination of all may lead to this serious disorder. Besides the health problems that are result of obesity in kids, there are also many social and emotional problems that affected kid should deal with. Some of the most common health disorders in obese children are: high blood pressure and high cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases, bone problems etc.

Junk food and unhealthy diet are the greatest issues of the modern society. These days, many parents even do not realize the importance of regular exercises and fealty diet plan for their childrens health. It is crucial for parents to know what to do to prevent obesity and overweight in their kids and help them fight against this problem.

The first thing to keep in mind when you have an obese kid is let him know that you will be supportive and that you will always accept him no matter the circumstances or his weight. This acceptance will give your kids self assurance to fight against the disorder. Do not make your kid feel rejected, as this will deteriorate his condition and eventually can lead to other psychological issues, like inferiority complex, fear of interacting, excessive shyness, violence and so on. It is important to encourage your kid and help him feel OK with himself. Do not criticize him and talk to him about his concerns. Make sure that your child understands the importance of good health in his life. Teach him to strictly follow your instructions, if he would like to see the change. Always associate the benefits of good habits with health and not with beauty or looks.

The entire family should be involved in the process. They should be involved as well. If the kid sees all his brothers, sisters, parents and even grand parents to lead a healthy life, he will feel much more motivated to follow the example.

Obesity prevention ofr treatment can start with a proper diet. But remember, diets should be balanced. Reduce to minimum all harmful foods, like salt, sugar, fat, junk foods, and so on. Instead make your kids food full of vegetables, fruits and milk. You can take them to fast food restaurant, but not more than once a week. Their lunch at schools should also be checked and if needed, prepared from home. Maybe the teacher also can help you in this process if he supervise the kid during the lunchtime. All kind of soft drinks should be totally excluded from your kids menu.

Help kids to make a lot of physical exercises at least 30 minutes each day. Encourage them to enjoy physical activities and to play different games that can help them burn calories: swimming, riding a bicycle, running, skating etc. Enroll them in some swimming, martial arts or ballet classes. If your child loves any kind of sport encourage him to practice it. There are many local sport clubs for kids and even the school could be a great option where your kid could be part of any sport team. Let them have enough water when the are sweating. Replace lost fluids with water to prevent a reverse effect.

Your kid might be from those children that simply hate to do exercises. Doing workout may annoy them. This is one of the most serious problems in obese kids. . There is however a great solution for these kids. Your kids will feel motivated to burn calories at inflatable bounce houses. They will find out that inflatable bouncers make them lose weight while they just play for fun. Your kid may find eve activities like water slides or obstacle courses in bounce houses. These extra elements always increase the physical activity adding more options to make your children lose weight.

You should be sure that the diet you give to your kids is proper and healthy. Support the kids and talk more with them. Kids should be embolden to make physical exercises, but also they have to take part in sports, according their age and possibilities.

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