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Save Time & Money by using Shift Scheduling Software

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the December 25th, 2011

A manager can save time and money by using shift scheduling software. No longer must they slave over spreadsheets trying to cover all shifts while adhering to requests for days off and avoiding overtime.

Finding a substitute or filling a shift is a snap with shift scheduling software. No more sitting by the phone calling employees to see if they are available. No more accidental overtime due to human forgetfulness.

Plus, shift scheduling software allows the manager to assign split shifts with ease, input multiple shifts at once, and copy set shifts as needed. The software makes it very easy to rotate schedules in the future or to any employee with a fast copy and paste function. Easily schedule vacation and time off requests, along with breaks and employee training.

Shift scheduling software benefits overall profitability by reducing the time devoted to scheduling, allowing more time for tasks with a direct profit attached. Who wouldn’t benefit from being able to spend more time working directly with customers or focusing on value adding tasks and problem solving?

Staffing needs, along with employee absences, are tracked and forecast by the shift scheduling software, thus reducing over-staffing. Not only that, but easy to distribute printed out schedules and perhaps even an online component for employees to log in to, are often part of a shift scheduling software programs.

Paper lists are a thing of the past because the software provides instant access to employee assignments. Also, reports of hours and expenditures can help make sure the payroll costs stay within budget. Shift scheduling software saves time and money.


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