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Want Great Abs – Try the Plank Exercise

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the January 29th, 2012

Before everything else, I need to be completely honest and just point out that I Dislike doing crunches.  They just manage to bore me and I have absolutely no tolerance for the continual moves.  The flexion of ab crunches in addition kills my back and neck (I have got an old injury), therefore i normally just skip them entirely, which isn’t beneficial either.

Ab crunches are usually tricky.  It is quite simple do them wrong, as it can be hard for lots of individuals to properly isolate the abdominal muscles within this position.  I watch a great deal of incorrect form, such as neck tugging and/or the use of momentum, that is definitely ineffective. Also, it is easy to train ab muscles in an outward manner, which produces protruding ab muscles and may increase the size of your waistline-very aggravating considering how unpleasant and monotonous the exercise is to start with!

Great things about the Plank Exercise

The plank exercise, on the other hand, trains you to hold your abs inward, both throughout the workout and daily life.  This will give you that thin, small midsection you seek, together with the awesome extra of having very noticeable ab tone …provided your body fat amounts are minimal enough of course (I’m going to save that for the next post).

An additional plus of the plank exercise is that considering that all motion begins with a person’s core muscles (at least that’s the way in which it’s meant to be) it will be easier to exert more power and better form when performing different exercises.  This will result in improved neuromuscular development, and by extension, improved general tone of muscle.

How to Carry out the Plank Exercise Correctly – IMPORTANT

When done efficiently, the plank is quite difficult. In fact, when most individuals first try the plank, they might only hold it for approximately 15-30 seconds max. If you’re able to hold it for a longer period with correct form, great!  But do not feel below par if it appears really, really challenging at first…totally normal.  If it seems very easy, make certain your navel is pulled in toward your back and that your behind is not too high. Make modifications appropriately.

Plank Routine

Since plank is an isometric exercise, you can train them 5-6 times weekly or every day if you would like. In the event your lower back bothers you throughout the exercise, you probably should start by performing the regular plank on your knees, and the side planks with your lower knee on the ground, top leg extended.

Start with 30 second holds, and build from there.



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