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Benefits of using EBooks Over Regular Books

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the February 24th, 2012

EBooks are the fastest growing publishing market today. They were predicted to supersede traditional books by 2013. In fact, Amazon has reported that eBooks like Dick Francis are now exceeding traditional books.

While the market for conventional books like Michael Connelly would never go away, eBooks like Nora Roberts are far more effective as a reading media. The old days where reading an eBook was harder than reading a traditional book is long gone.

There are many costs involved in conventional eBooks. For example, there’s the cost of paper and printing. There is the cost of distribution and shipping. And there’s the cost of storage, shelving and maintaining inventory. None of these costs are included in an eBook. That is why the cost of traditional books is higher than the cost of an equivalent eBook. And these costs can safely be predicted to continue to increase.

Yes, I’m a writer and that means that I have a lot of books. And I reside in a house of readers. My library has taken over each and every room in my house. I’ve at least one bookshelf in every room. But I am not the worst for collecting books by any stretch. Actually, I’ve one buddy who opened a bookstore to sell his collection!

Nevertheless, if I wish to take a book with me to read, I can only take one. With eBooks, I can literally take my entire library with me and still have the ability to carry it anywhere. Amazon says that its four gigabyte Kindle could carry two thousand, six hundred books. Attach a sixteen gigabyte memory stick and you’ve got sufficient storage for more than twenty thousand books. More than sufficient option for a week let alone a single outing.

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