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What You Should Know Before You Buy Web Hosting

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the February 25th, 2012

Do you know that there is a difference betweeen web hosting and domain names? A lot of people typically mix these two terms together because they think that they both mean the same thing when in fact they’re not. Domain is like Google.com, Yahoo.com, and Facebook.com. Every time you type in an address in your browser – that address you type is a domain name by itself.

Web hosting, on the other hand, is the service that provides the computers (“servers”) on which the web site runs. Web site hosting is a service that provides the storage and connectivity necessary for a Web site, e-mail, and Web-based databases. Figuratively, you could say that web hosting is like renting a warehouse or an apartment.

A reliable Web host is the foundation for a successful business. It used to be that a business had to be big to get a Website. Today, this is not true anymore. Even a small business today can have his own site running that shows other people how to make money on the internet. Web hosting nowadays is also relatively cheap, meaning almost anyone can get it.

Based on your own research, or on the recommendation of someone with good technical evaluation skills, you should choose a good linux web site hosting provider for your minisite graphics site, then have someone develop the content for that site. In short, your Web site should drive business.

You’re inundated with Web hosting providers and the choices can be overwhelming. Regular Web hosting is fine for a personal website; but to build a business, you need more. Many web hosting plans are scaled to meet your budget, whether your site is for e-commerce small business, Windows hosting, cold fusion development, special interest site like your Internet marketing Indonesia site or blog.

Your own domain name with a reliable hosting package is a good start for your online business. Web hosting companies typically only provide you with virtual storage space, but they don’t provide the content for your site.

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