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How to Create a Boudoir Digital photography Period

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the February 29th, 2012

If you have not had much studio experience and would like to photograph a boudoir session then you may try a bedroom location.

In the winter it will likely be the ideal location, as the model or bride will feel more comfortable in the more warm and relaxed surroundings.

This easy setup to get a smaller surrounding will work for your boudoir shoot and you won’t need a lot of equipment to achieve success. So even in a small bedroom you can get some amazing shots by simply following my hints and tips.

First thing you need is a DSLR camera and I am not implying that you couldn’t shoot with any other kind of camera it’s just that I shoot with two camera’s, a Nikon D700 and D300s and get some amazing results.

I shoot with a 50mm f1.4 as well as a 85mm lenses, those focal lengths appear to suit my form of shoots and you can research whatever lens you’d like to use. You might also use the 24 -70mm zoom to alter the wide and up close work.

You may need a tripod to mount your flash here is where the success comes, you need an umbrella attached to and over this flash.

Utilize a plain white photographic umbrella because of this shoot, which will give you some fantastic soft dynamic lighting. I set the flash into manual mode and turn the ability into 1/32 sec because the bedroom is not that big i don’t need so much light to fly out the sunshine reflection on the model. This setting gives me a nice smooth and soft light on the subject model.

A king-size bed 2m by 2m will be well suited for this type of shoot. Choose your sheeting since this will have some impact on the lighting, I prefer something satin looking and shiny, it simply adds to the glamour. But this it not to say that another colour or form of material is not going to give you great shots.

I normally tether my camera to my laptop to obtain a more detailed view of the model and it is better to see how the lighting is affecting the different positions the model occupies.

The best way to position your equipment is to achieve the model positioned towards the top end in the bed. Try out some test shots while you are setting up.

The flash positioned at the bottom corner to the left with the white umbrella attached and setup. Elevate the umbrella therefore it is positioned just over the model. As a result all the folds in the sheets around the bed look soft and dimensional.

Set up the digital camera on a tripod tethered to your laptop plus a release cable coupled to the camera. I normally set the camera to 200 sec at F2.8 to get a shallow depth of field, I then use ISO 100 and you may try dialing the white good balance to 10,000 if the flash is delivering a very bluish quality light. My aim always would be to set a really warm looking scene.

You can set an additional speed light to get a more punchy look and also this may be setup to the top left of your model, set the flash to 43m 1/32.

Now just a little trick that you can use is to position this second flash. Place the flash either inside or behind a bedside lamp so when it fires with the lamp shade it can be seen in your image. This may give a very warm glow like the lamp is started up. It will give some punchy lighting to your subject. ?A simply tip but very effective.

Get the model to try out different positions that she will be comfortable with. The key is to get the model relaxed so she will be herself and you can get some nice images. 

Lots of today’s wedding brides go in for boudoir photography and it’s a great gift for your husband to be or your lover. These images may be treasured forever.

You can test this photo shoot at home in the tiniest of bedrooms or the largest college accommodation and with this setup you’re going to get some nice soft and warm images.



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