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Best Information On Zumba Video Workout

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the March 28th, 2012

More people are looking at getting into better shape at this time. Because of this more people are starting to exercise and eat better. One of the top programs that people of all ages can do at this time is the Zumba video workout.

Dance studios, gyms, and homes are all places that this type of aerobic routine inspired by dance can be completed. Users of this program will have fun while burning many calories. They do that by working out dancing to music that is Latin based. Because someone can have so much fun with this routine they may not even think about it as exercise, instead they will look at it as something fun to do.

In the 1990s Alberto “Beto” Perez was a fitness instructor in Cali, Colombia. He created this type of a routine because one day he forgot the music for the aerobics class he was going to instruct. So instead of continuing on without music, he played a salsa and merengue mix tape that he had in his backpack at that time. His students enjoyed the class a great deal and he continued to toy with the idea of creating something different.

Perez got together with two other entrepreneurs in 2001. The three of them came up with the Zumba name and decided to market it to the mainstream at that time. The cardio dance routine was first made into a DVD then filmed as an infomercial to market.

Someone doing Zumba will have six different routines to choose from. The routines are the base program, Toning, Gold, Zumbatomic, Aqua, and a circuit. Someone could choose any of these different routines to do based upon what their goals are, all of them still utilize the same upbeat music and calorie burning dance moves.

Someone can do these programs in a studio, at a gym, or at home. At the gym or in the studio the fitness instructors have been taught the proper techniques by attending the Zumba Academy and receiving a license to lead the class. The participants of this program number in the millions around the world.

The Zumba video workout is something that anyone looking for a fun-filled aerobic class inspired by dance should do. They can do it at a gym, studio, or home depending on what their schedule has available to them and what their preference is. As always, anyone starting a new exercise routine should consult with their physician to ensure there is no health risks involved. If you’re looking to lose weight and get toned at home then, you’ll want to try their latest product the Zumba fitness exhilarate DVD collection. It’s their finest product.

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