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Free Single Property Websites

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the March 28th, 2012

Real Estate Marketing Suite

PleaseText.Me’s multi-channel real estate marketing suite has added powerful a new feature with free single property sites. This function allows you to create a full real estate site for your listing in just a few clicks.

This function adds an additional web utility for transition leads into clients at no additional cost to you. This is a complete property website that takes just moments to set up. You can integrate your own virtual tours, videos, pictures and more.

These websites allow you to fully leverage your marketing plan. Text message and QR traffic can be driven from the sign rider, but you still have PleaseText.Me’s real estate call capture system catching traditional phone leads. Using the text-to-voice feature, you can type a “recording” and serve a voice tour of your property without any time wasted setting up individual recordings.

A real estate sign rider needs to offer information to a consumer in whatever means they’d like or you might as well just have an empty flyer box. With PleaseText.Me, you can now offer on-demand information to a consumer via call capture, text messaging, or via QR codes with just a few simple clicks. Visit PleaseText.Me for more information and current pricing information.

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