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Investigating Grants.Gov What the Government’s Grants Website Can do for You Finding the Grant you Need in Grants.gov

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the April 30th, 2012

Have you been looking for grants lately? Have you been seeking financial aid from the government? If you have answered yes to both questions, then here are the most important things you absolutely need to learn first before you move forward with your search.

First up, it is very important for grant searchers to know the real difference between a grant and loan. A loan is something you need to pay back, and often with interest, while a grant is something that is provided to you in order to help you carry out a public purpose of support that is authorized by a law of the United States. Thus, a grant is something that you won’t ever need to repay.

The United States government provides extensive grant programs that exist for the public. However, not very many of those grants are readily available for ordinary individuals.

Government Grants for Employment Labor and Training are offered to smallbusinesses, not for profit organizations and other entities as well as in some cases to individuals.

Grants.gov is one the biggest websites that has no less than 1,000 grant programs from 26 different federal grant-making agencies in the United States. The majority of the grants that are found on Grants.gov are generally for organizations and institutions, only a few of them are for individuals. It is also very important to know that Grants.gov will not offer personal financial assistance such as student loans, medicaid loans, debt loans, and the like.

The eligibility requirements will drastically vary depending on the kind of grant that is available. In most instances, most of the grants that are found on Grants.gov are meant for:

a) Government Organizations such as State Governments, Local Governments, City or Township Governments, Special District Governments and Native American Tribal Governments;

b) Education Organizations including Independent School Districts, Public and State Controlled Institutions of Higher Education, and Private Institutions of Higher Education;

c) Public Housing Organizations such as Public Housing Authorities and Indian Housing Authorities;

d) Non-Profit Organizations;

e) For-Profit Organizations aside from Small Businesses;

f) and Small Business establishments that meet the standards outlined by the Small Business Administration (SBA) for most industries in the economy.  Many states offer help for people seeking to build or expand a small business, for example visit small business grants in Louisiana in that state.

If you belong to any of this organizations and institutions, you must register at the Grants.gov website in order to apply for your chosen grant.

The government offers funding for a variety of purposes including government grants.

It is vital that you take time in reading the grant information and instructions prior to submitting your application. If you wish to move forward with your application, the process of obtaining a full understanding of the grant requirements is impeccably important.

If you are, however, seeking personal financial assistance, there are a couple federal government sites that could potentially accommodate your needs.

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