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Outdoor Lights – What You Should Know

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the June 24th, 2012

There is definitely not a lack of outdoor lights to choose from, there are patio, coach, globe, string and landscape lights to name a few. If you want a certain style of outdoor light you might prefer starting there, but first verify it actually blends with the style of your house.

Outdoor landscape lights serve a number of purposes, for some these lights are meant to be multi functional however for others these lights are chosen for a solitary function. Typically the primary reasons they are selected includes safety, for increased visibility at night, to highlight areas of the yard, and for general appearance. Whatever your reason there are a couple of factors to consider before you make a selection.

Another issue to take into account before selecting these lights is the maintenance and installation that will be involved. If you are lucky to have a substantial budget this might not be as much of a concern because you will be able to hire a professional to preform the task right. But if you are trying to save money this will make a difference. The installation will be different depending on the variety of lighting you select. There are three primary types, high-voltage, low-voltage and solar.

Low-voltage must be wired and connected to the home’s electrical circuit. There are strengths associated with this type of system. Low-voltage lights are easier to install than high-voltage and require more compact ground trenches. On top of that low-voltage systems just use twelve electrical volts.

Lights that are high-voltage need to have its own circuit which needs to be hooked up by a licensed professional. Naturally this is the higher priced choice. High-voltage lights use more power, but they can handle a higher number of lights without causing a drop in voltage, and this type is good if you plan to add to your landscape lighting in the long run.

Solar are the simplest type of lighting to install because these lights don’t need an electrical power source. This also means they are expense-free to use after the units themselves are bought. Unfortunately they will not work ideally in specific parts of the country. When the solar panels don’t get adequate light from the sun throughout the day time they will not work very well.

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