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Cardio Interval Training

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the July 10th, 2012

The majority of people that want to lose love handles simply hop on a treadmill and walk or run for several min’s at the exact same pace. However, this isn’t very effective for getting rid of excess fat or belly fat.

It has to do with your heartrate. With standard cardio such as this, your heart rate will only be elevated throughout your workout. Shortly after you stop, your heartbeat returns to normal and also the calories you are burning return to normal. So you may burn five hundred calories from fat in an hour-long run, depending on your excess fat and just how hard you run. That is around the amount of calories in a large hamburger.

I can offer you a far more effective way.

You could have seen this type of cardio exercise. An example of this is running for 1 or 2 minutes at a moderate speed, then sprinting for 30 seconds. Every time through that medium run and sprint is an interval. This is the form of training that Rusty covers as part of his program, visual impact for women. He uses this type of training in combination with steady state cardio to accomplish maximum fat loss.

Interval training is preferable to regular cardio for releasing body fat into the bloodstream to be used for fuel. Your heartrate also gets elevated higher during your workout session which means you burn more total calories.

Finally, your heart rate stays elevated for a longer period after your training session therefore you use up more calories longer once you are done.

There’s a 1-10 range you can use to determine your effort. A level one is virtually no exertion at all ? maybe resting in your favorite chair. A level ten will be full out effort, like sprinting.

I would start at a level five and warm up for five minutes. I did a light walk or walk on the treadmill machine. Then I would sprint for a minute at full speed. For the following 2 minutes, I would back it down to about a level 6. At a level seven, I’m moving at a decent speed and would have had trouble holding a chat with someone. Then I would increase it to level 10 once again for just a minute. I’d go three times through the one-minute, two-minute interval. Next, I would cool down for approximately 5 minutes by using a light jog.

This is still the principle type of cardiovascular exercise I do and I seem to stay at a very low percentage body fat all year round. Keep in mind, you’re able to do whichever type of cardiovascular exercise you like if you change the intensity just like what I described, you’ll be cruising. Since this is high intensity, ensure you consult your physician prior to trying this.

Consequently my friends, cardiovascular interval training is among the key components which will get rid of stomach fat. Incorporate it in your exercise routine, and you will reduce stomach fat fast. Take a look at Visual Impact Cardio to learn more about a program that utilizes strategic cardio exercise to get rid of maximum body fat.

I wish you the best of luck in reaching all of your fitness and fat loss objectives. Thank you for reading.

All submissions are provided for info reasons only. This is not meant to treat or manage disease. Be sure to check with your physician before participating in any dietary or fitness changes or routines.

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