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The Foods You Eat Impacts Your Teeth

Posted in Discussions by thotrther on the July 10th, 2012

Healthy eating for healthy teeth ought to be a part of every child’s diet. Healthy and balanced teeth are a significant part of your kid’s all around health, and keeping your child’s dentition in top condition includes selecting tooth-friendly foods.

Healthier Eating for Healthy Teeth- What to Steer Clear Of

When selecting snacks and food for your youngster, there are several foods which can be known to be unfriendly to developing teeth. Included in this are:

– Taffy

– Hard candies

– Suckers

– Gummy snacks such as Fruit Roll Ups, Gummy Bears, Gushers, and Fruit Snacks

– Life Savers

– Soft drinks

– Starburst

– Lemon Heads

– Pickles

– Raisins

– Dried Cranberries

– Sporting Drinks

– Dried fruits

– Cough drops

Healthier Eating for Healthy Teeth- Foods to Encourage

Other food items may be beneficial to your child’s teeth. A number of foods to really encourage include:

– Fresh vegetables

– Teas

– Milk

– Celery

– Water

– Nuts

– Cheeses

– Garlic

– Apples

– Mushrooms

– Strawberries

While these lists are not all-inclusive, you are able to help your child learn to stay away from foods that could chip teeth. In addition, foods high in acid or sugar content needs to be avoided. Nevertheless, your child can have these “bad” foods moderately, so long as he or she brushes their teeth very well soon after these tooth-harming treats.

The longer acids and sugars come in contact with tooth enamel, the greater the damage it will cause. Make sure you provide a travel toothbrush and tooth paste for snacks on the go and during school meals. Your son or daughter should also floss after enjoying chewy foods that may lodge in between teeth and trigger dental problems.

When your child requests, or is presented, one of these tooth harming foods, be ready. You can help limit these snacks by carrying tooth-friendly snacks to offer as replacements, or by gratifying your youngster for appropriate food choices whenever you can. Verbal reward, small treats like stickers or time at the park may go a considerable ways toward helping your child form healthy and balanced attitudes about oral cleanliness and tending to their teeth.

You can encourage healthy eating for healthy teeth by playing little games with your child. Online dental-related games can often be found, and flashcard games where your youngster gets to select tooth-friendly meals from each one of the food groups can help foster healthy and balanced eating habits throughout life.

You’ll be able to ask your Gresham pediatric dentist for more info about healthful eating for healthy and balanced teeth during your next pediatric dental exam.

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